Starting out

Spring is here. Despite the few hails and snow we had in London a couple of days back, the daffodils and pink blossoms are out. We have the refreshing April showers and the pale green colour of the new leaves. Spring is really here.

I love this season! For me it is a symbol of a new growth, a beginning.

And so this season, I decided to start my blogsite. It is an on-line record of my reflections, my ideas, sentiments, thoughts and opinion. It may not last until winter, but for now, since it is spring — I’ll enjoy this fresh new start.


One thought on “Starting out

  1. Cleng

    Welcome to blogging Ate Malt, even if you’re not so new to blogging since you’ve been reading a lot of blogs(I assume)already. Now, it’s our turn to read your entries! I’m sure that’ll be exciting!

    Have a great and fabulous day Ate! Always take care…–>



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