Election of a New Pope


The death of Pope John Paul II, although quite expected, has affected the one billion population of the Catholic community. He is a very compassionate person with a charm that magnetise both the young and old. He is a spiritual leader who doesn’t believe on compromising the Christian values with the ever changing secular world, that is full of greed, hate and selfishness.

I was baptised in the Sta. Rosa de Lima Parish in my hometown and went to the University of Santo Tomas, a catholic university in Manila. Although I am not a Roman Catholic, I still mourn for the passing of PJP II. At the same time, I joined the Catholic community in celebrating the life of this great leader.

Today’s news focuses on the start of the process of electing of PJP’s successor. This is indeed, a difficult task for the Catholic leaders around the world.

No matter what our faith is, let us put the Roman Catholic Church in our prayers. May the next pope be as firm as PJP II in his moral beliefs. Because let’s face it, whatever your religion is, the next pope will affect your life, including your future children, in one way or the other. May the person who takes his place not compromise with the obscene principles of this world. Today, pause for a while and ask for God’s blessing and guidance to those who will choose Pope John Paul II’s successor.


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