Psychology suggests that dreams are expressions of what is in our sub-conscious. My personal definition of dreams is: “Dreams  are a reminder of previous events, an extension of present happenings, a preparation of things that are to come and an experience of things that will never happen” (MALT, 2005).

I once read in an article, ‘Never laugh at somebody else’s dream’. Well, that’s exactly what I will ask of you now.

This morning, I woke up with two questions in my mind. Both are related to my dream.

“I have a Ziplock bag with some white worms and black worms. The black worms love to eat white worms. To discourage the black worms from preying on the white worms, I put three red chilli peppers in the bag. This way, the black worms will be frightened of the hot chillies. Then I put the bag of worms and chillies in my black handbag. After about five minutes, I checked the Ziplock bag and to my amazement, I only found half of a red chilli!”

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Gargoyle in St. Mary’s Church, Oxford (Feb. 2005)


1. Is the survivor, who ate all the white and black worms and the two and half red chillies, a white or black worm?

2. Where is the survivor?
a.) walking inside my handbag
b.) evaporated in the air
c.) the half red chilli pepper ate it
d.) a bird, like this below, ate it 
e.) forget about it.. it is only a dream.

So, what do you think?



4 thoughts on “Dreamworld

  1. maan

    your lovely interpretation of my dream is really funny…but i certainly prefer the first one! i don’t think i fancy a wormy salad, anyway. lol. thanks for your comment. as to scott’s question if the ziplock bag really exists, yes, it does. it is a brand name for a re-sealable sandwich bag…:)


  2. The Doctor

    The answer is alittle different than you posted. The worms are a manifistation of your desires for both what you feel is good and bad. They wiggle and squirm, trying to become a “reality” You are in constant struggle for fears that the bad desires will over take you, therefore the “Blacks eat the whites”. You put in the red chillies to help you “control” the situation. The chillies represent either religion or morals learned while growing up. When you put the chillies in the bag, this was to put the struggles away, in the “hands” of the chilies. When you re-opened the bag, the worms were gone because you came to terms with the conflicts and half a chilli was left to remind you that you do have some moral or spiritual presence.



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