Nurse Blogger

Image hosted by
L’artiste Miniaturiste…a clay work resembling a nurse that
we bought from a flea market in Brussels (Sept 2004)
“His hands held mine very tightly as he spoke to his daughter over the phone. His wife, who has brain tumour, was told today that she has three months left to live. John is in hospital today to have his second cycle of chemotherapy for cancer of the larynx (voice box).”

In a week’s time, this blog is threatened. I will be starting a cancer specialist course. This means full-time work, study, social and home affairs and blogging…should there be any time left.

But patients like John inspire me to strive to become a better nurse each day. For me, being a nurse, who can support patients face the battle against cancer, is a great privilege. Nursing inspires me in so many ways. If lawyers made a mistake, it’s a case lost. If accountants made a mistake, it’s a penny lost (or more, of course!). But if doctors and nurses made a mistake, it can be a life lost. The main difference is that life, unlike money, is irreplaceable.

My blog might strive to survive but I will definitely still be able to share my talents in other ways. I will try to keep blogging.


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