Wedding Traditions

Isn’t it amazing how different cultures have different wedding traditions? I once was invited to attend a Scottish wedding. Julia, the bride, is from the Orkney Islands. It was held in England so it wasn’t totally Scottish. However, we had a great time dancing – the Scottish way!

But there is a very nice tradition that we’ve experienced. The bride and the groom went in each table and offered the visitors to drink from a vessel that looked like a big bucket or a pail without the swinging handles. Instead, it has two vertical handles (see picture).

I asked Julia what’s inside the cog. She said that it is a traditional drink, a heated punch of home-brewed strong ale, whisky, sometimes rum, brown sugar and herbs.What a nice experience! Drinking from that cog, I felt that it almost drowned my whole head. But funnily, I didn’t even think about acquiring or passing on infection from and to the other guests! Oh well, never mind, it was a good experience anyway.

Image hosted by
imagine if I will drink all of its contents!

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