Destruction of the Seasons

“Sooner, there will be no more seasons because of global warming”
– a phrase from a British comedy sitcom.
This phrase is supposed to be a joke. But come to think of it, there is reality in this statement.
Image hosted by
tree branches (Hyde Park, March 2005)

Lately, I have been so concerned about the survival of my Four Seasons Blogsite. My lack of time, computer skills and long list of priorities pose great threat in maintaining it. Fortunately, all of these factors are manageable. And if ever my site dies, only a good few will be

affected by it.

The impact of global warming to our environment will surely affect all of us and our future generation, including all living things on this beautiful planet. This has been a controversial issue for a long time now. But for all those years, nothing seemed to have happened to tackle this problem. Researchers even say that we only have a few years left to act. Otherwise, it will all be irreversible. Looking back, I cannot prevent to ask myself, “Did I help in any way?” (Well, I don’t use hair spray, if that would count)

Sadly, global warming is a man-made disaster. And true enough, this phenomenon would deny our expectations and alter the patterns of the seasons. Summers will manifest scorching heat, breaking thermometer records. Autumn will blow its fury with stronger gales and winds. The winter snow would paralyse more communities. And the bright and happy colours of spring, my favourite season, will never be the same again. We may not even recognise the difference of one season from the other.

Human beings are stewards of the Earth. But what have we done to our planet? Is the destruction of the four seasons near and inevitable?



2 thoughts on “Destruction of the Seasons

  1. maan

    cruise, oo nga..kakalungkot…tulad nung mga magagandang pictures sa website mo…dahil sa global warming, for sure affected yung mga yun…sayang,ang ganda pa naman ng nature. :(–>


  2. cruise

    dito sa atin sa pinas evident ang effect ng global warming. dito mas grabe, unti unti ng nauubos ng kabubatan kaya kapag umulan ay laging may flash flood. next month tag-ulan na ako kaya ang mangyayari?

    naalala ko tuloy ang hyde park, ganda dyan lalo na kapag kapanahunan ng mga rosas…



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