May The Force Be With You

“Attempt great things for God”
A phrase carved in one of the pulpits in the Westminster Abbey.

The Westminster Abbey is an architectural masterpiece of the thirteenth to sixteenth centuries. This church contains countless memorials to the famous and great of the United Kingdom. Over three thousand people are either buried or memorialised in Westminster Abbey from medieval kings and their queens, to the tomb of the unknown warrior.

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The Westminster Abbey by MALT

Whenever my husband and I attend services here, it is always a good experience to find out who else has a memorial or was buried here. Great people whom I used to read about in books such as the former prime ministers, Charles Darwin, Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Dickens, and George Handel among others.

In one of Sr. Elizabeth’s sermons recently, she mentioned that before somebody could be buried here, an application must be made. Surely, these great people had done great things! And for them to request to be buried here is just a demonstration of that faith they have in the Supreme Being.


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