Horror Train

At a young age of five, I never thought that every trip to a funfair would prepare me to the real world. It is funny to think that we agree to pay to get frightened in a horror ride. I clearly remember myself convincing my dad and mom to get into the horror train. When the train approaches the dark tunnels (where ghosts, zombies, ogres, witches are), I just kept my eyes closed, or screamed when I opened them. I usually hide under my mom’s or dad’s arms. Then I felt secured, I just knew they cannot harm me.

Recently, my eyes were opened to the horror trains of the real world. Horrific attacks in the London underground by terrorists who would sacrifice their lives to kill other people. It is funny, but Londoners also pay for this frightening ride. Well this time, I do not need to convince anybody else to get into the trains, but myself.

Just like many Londoners, I am frightened of being in the Tube. The world calls us ‘defiant’’ but I think defiance is our coping mechanism to overcome our fear. Fear about what will happen when we are in the tunnels. More so, it is the fear of giving our loved ones heartaches when we become victims of the terrorist attacks. The terrorists who carried out the attack are full of hatred. The world is full of hatred, greed, envy.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Lotus– Kew Gardens, London (2005)

However, if we look around us, love is everywhere. It’s in the laughter of our families, in the hand of our friends, in the smile of our colleagues. Truly, love dwells in us. Love is more powerful that hatred, greed and envy. It is power in its own right.
For Londoners, each new day is a new day of love. We will carry on doing our daily routine for the people we love. Each day is another God-given gift of life. And love will keep us going…

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