Breakfast at Greenwich

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The Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich (MALT, Aug 05)

Saturday and Sunday are busy days for the Greenwich Market. It is a place where different novelties are sold such as unusual art work, crafted items, latest fashion trends, antiques and food.

Last Saturday morning, my husband and I jogged from our flat along the Thames Riverwalk, down the Thames foot tunnel, towards Cutty Sark, Greenwich. The morning is young and the tradesmen in the Greenwich market are still setting up their stalls, such a very different sight from the busy market that we often see from ten.

To calm our stomachs, we grabbed ciabattas and breakfast tea from a small cafe in a narrow alley by the market. While eating, the sun suddenly changed its mind and hid behind some thick, dark clouds. So we decided to go home after breakfast. And so this blog ends. Next ime, I will tell you more about Greenwich — one of my favourite places in London.

Greenwich Market…the Link to Unique Items


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