Note at Twenty-Eight

One of the things that we cannot prevent as long as we live is to get older every day, every hour, every minute, every second and every nanosecond. This month, another candle takes a place in my crowded birthday cake. I now have twenty-eight birthday candles!

If I look back on the past 365 days, I am looking at thousands of blessings, lessons and trials. Experiences that made me realise that having another candle on my cake is amazing.

This year,

The major blessings:

  • My husband and I ceased from renting a place to live.
  • I was promoted.
  • I finished another course of a speciality that I am interested in.
  • My mom and dad finally saw the city that I have been telling them about for the last five years
  • My family and I wanted for nothing
  • Been to Budapest and Berlin ‘in style’ (for free 🙂 — work related

The major trials overcame:

  • Getting back to using the tube after the London bombings
  • The quest of finding a property and the process of buying
  • Doing do-it-yourself stuff at home
  • Doing a job on my own that is normally for two people, for ten months!
  • Making my module assignment (and passing it with good marks) in the midst of a busy work, social and home life

Thousands of blessings for the past year, that if I were to enumerate them, this blog will be full to the maximum allowed space.

Now that I am twenty-eight, I feel more excited about life. What else is there that is in store for me? Will I reach the age of twenty-nine? Or will I live until I am ninety-nine?

No one knows but day by day, I will keep these in mind:

  • Thank God for every blessing
  • Trust God in every trial
  • Treasure the people whom I love – my husband, family and friends
  • Do my share in making the earth a better place to live in
  • Share to others the joy, love and hope that God gives freely

For 28 years, God has been good to me!

Image hosted by

Canterbury Cathedral, August 2005


9 thoughts on “Note at Twenty-Eight

  1. Maan

    dear all,

    thank you very much for the birthday greetings and well wishes. my borthday was fun and didn’t even noticed that i have to change my age to one figure higher! life is good! take care all!



  2. cruise

    ang bilis talga ng panahon at di mapipigilan ang pagdagdag ng taon sa buhay natin. kaya enjoy life to the fullest, maigsi lang ang buhay natin. i might visit Uk nefore the year ends hope kitakits…


  3. starrfish

    dear, sorry, its been a long time since my last visit here. i couldn’t believe i missed your birthday, my apologies!!! but you know, i’m very glad upon reading your entry. wow, you surely had a lots of blessing!! i so envy you! *wink* not just you but to your family. aren’t you just so lucky, girl?? so blessed?? and i’m sooo happy for you. your entry became an inspiration to me. a realization that there’s more to be grateful to in this life.

    i wish you all the best, and may you continue to be sorrounded by love, in every single day.

    God bless, always!!


  4. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday GOD BLESS you all the time.
    Just noticed the photo of Canterbury Cathedral. Is this the same place that inspired Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales?
    I can’t believe I missed saying “Happy Birthday” to you! (There I said it!)
    Ate Malt! I super miss you! Happy birthday to you! I wish you all the best in life! Take care…
    just want to wish you a happy, happy birthday!
    hi maan happy birthday god bless and more success in life =)


  5. aileen fernando

    Happy Birthday My Dear Friend!

    One of the many things that I am most thankful to God is our friendship. I must say that this friendship is very unusual and very true….and I’m amazed. Although we’re not that “buddy-buddy” friends, in our hearts we know that we are indeed true friends.

    Looking back, I never realized that our friendship founded on the spirit of letters will evolved into this level.

    I can’t express how thankful I am for having you as a friend. I wish we could spend a day to be with each other… to laugh…to reminisce highschool days (as if we’re schoolmates!!)…..or just to enjoy the presence of each other..since we never really have the chance to do this …

    Wherever we are.. in our hearts… one thing is for sure… we will be friends forever!

    Happy Birthday! May God bless you!



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