The art of numbers

I admire people who enjoy the plane take off. It is a situation that I hate to be in, but of course, this is unavoidable. Without take off, there will be no landing.

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Stephansdom (Vienna), September 2005

While aboard a British Airways flight from Vienna back to London last Saturday, something new occurred to me. I have been on a plane for so many times but this was the first time that I have ‘noticed’ the numbers on the passenger information screen. I have seen them but never paid this kind of attention before. During this time, the plane was 36,000 feet above ground; flying at around 800km/hour and the temperature outside was –54o C! It was not until I ‘digested’ the meaning of these figures that I realised – in the absence of terrorists, flying is still very frightening.

Math (and its branches) are my favourite subjects aside from Science. My Dad is a great teacher and I am grateful to him. He always emphasises to us, his children, that knowledge is power. But in this situation, knowing brought anxiety.

The plane landed safely. I am back in London. The meeting in Vienna was exhausting and  the number-related anxiety while on the plane was (actually) unnecessary.


5 thoughts on “The art of numbers

  1. Anonymous

    hi cruise! i sent u an email thru gmail. call me naman so that we can meet (did i understand it right, u are in uk now? poor soul…weather’s not very nice lately! 🙂



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