During one of our art gallery visits, a painting of a little dog caught our attention. My husband and I were drawn to the painting because he seems very cute and was painted in a vibrant red background.
A young chap suddenly approached us. He is Francesco Lietti, the artist himself. The painting is titled “My Dog”. The inspiration of it came from his 15-year old fox terrier. The artist is a cheerful and friendly Italian who hails from Lecco.
Being a dog-lover myself, I fell in love with the painting. To have a dog in England entails quite a responsibility. Probably, this painting is the answer to my desire of having a pet dog (only that it doesn’t bark or wag its tail!). This may not be a Picasso but it is very special to me – my husband gave this to me as a gift. I named him Cucciolo (Italian for puppy).

10 thoughts on “Cucciolo

  1. The Four Seasons

    you’re very right on that one cruise. dito kahit very ordinary dog (a.k.a. askal sa Pinas), ay very precious pa rin. i join you on that idea but i think it is still a long way to go…not to mention that many of Filipinos eat ‘Azucena’ 😉


  2. cruise

    impressed ako kung paano pinapahalagahan ang mga aso dyan sa england, i tried to be a dog walker dyan. sarap may alaga. gusto ko i apply dito sa pinas yung ginagawa sa mga alagang aso dyan…



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