Say ‘I do”, please?


In a few weeks’ time, a girl who is very close to me is getting married to her prince charming. This inspired me to talk about the ‘special moment before I do’ — the wedding proposal.

I’ve heard so many lovely stories of a man proposing to her girl and I say a few here:

  • The man asked for the waiter’s help by putting the ring as a topping for her ice cream dessert during a dinner date (good thing she saw the ring or else, it would have been a real messy treasure hunt!)
  • The man proposed while aboard a ferries wheel (top of the world-like?)
  • A girl was asked by his boyfriend to marry him at sunrise in El Salvador (very artistic guy! There’s not a lot of them around)
  • Plain “Will you marry me?” asked during a formal dinner date, accented with a diamond ring. 

Please share some romantic stories that you know. I am very interested to hear more stories about love.

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Pictures from the top: a couple sitting along the banks of Danube River, Regensburg; Pigeons caught at the walled city of Canterbury; and Cupid (obviouslly!)


13 thoughts on “Say ‘I do”, please?

  1. Veronica

    As part of our annual holiday trip, Danilo and I went to a beach, but this time in a secluded beach in Cayman Islands.

    On our last nightm, we enjoyed took the time to enjoy the sunset with a bottle of wine.

    Then, when it was late in the evening, he took my hand, locked his ebony eyes into my mine, and told me how much he loves me and asked me to close my eyes.

    When he told me that I could now open my eyes, I was surprised by happy to read in the sand:

    “Will you marry me, Veronica?”

    and in the ‘dot’ of the ‘question mark’, he placed a very small antique wooden box – with a diamond ring inside!

    It was the most wonderful moment in my life!


    P.S. But I didn’t say Yes.

    I said, “Of course! I’ve been waiting for this for 5 years!”

    And so we went back to our wooden hut and made love again that night.



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