A Tribute to Central

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The Central Methodist Church , Pevensey Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex

(This article is a revised version of an article published in the Church’s Centralway Magazine, Nov-Dec 2005 Issue)

DEPARTURE AND ARRIVAL: Since I was a little girl, my family brought me to church Sunday schools. At the age of 22, I left my country in May 2000 to work as a nurse in the UK. One of my mom’s most important instructions at that time was to find a local church where I could go, grow, and glow spiritually. Thus, I jumped for joy when I saw the Central for the first time. Rev. Gordon* welcomed me although I didn’t attend on that first Sunday because I was wearing my crop jeans and sports shirt (I feel inappropriately dressed). So the next Sunday, I came and sat in one of the pews. Sudenly, two friendly voices asked me to sit beside them. From that Sunday, I always sat between Jo* and Nell*, two seats away from Win*. In August 2002, my husband and I left for  London. (Rev. Foreman’s* first Sunday service was our last prior to leaving.)


One can feel God’s presence in this place. There is love among members, they pray for one another and there is joy in their smiles. (A good example is Edith’s* smile, if you haven’t seen it yet, look for her this Sunday!)

The members are good stewards of their God-given talents. The church calendar is busy from spring to winter. (Have you heard the choir sing? And Spencer* plays the organ so beautifully).

It is a church where age and it’s side-effects doesn’t stop its members from serving God. Truly, the joy of the Lord is their strength.

When I and my husband got married here four years ago, our friends at Central celebrated with us!

There are so many gems in Central — silvers, rubies, gold. These couples are pictures of how God wants a marriage should be. In a world of many broken marriages, they serve as inspiration to young couples like us.

In this church, I met a bunch of God-fearing friends, They all have a special place in my heart. With most of my brain cells still working, I can list all of them here. However, Editor Ed* might not agree with the idea, so I rest my pen.

* Rev. Gordon officiated our wedding and is now retired; Rev. Foreman is still the minister at Central; Jo never met my husband because she died a day before he arrived to England; Nell is a very sweet lady who reminds me to go to church everytime she writes to me, now re-united with her Vic in heaven; Win is one of my special ‘grandmother’ friends; Edith is also a ‘grandmother’ friend and is a very lovely lady; Spencer played the organ during our wedding; Ed is a retired minister and is now the editor of Centralway. Special thanks go to Ruby ( our pastoral visitor), Wendy (another “grandmother’ friend) and to all at Central.


4 thoughts on “A Tribute to Central

  1. Anonymous

    Solemn is all written on the facade of this beautiful church and I’m sure you can feel at peace with yourself and very close to God once you’re inside. It was the same experience I had when I entered the Pink Sisters Church in Baguio City eons ago. Great item, Malt!



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