What’s All The Preparation For?


Copyright MALT 2005

Why do men run when Christmas is here?
Busy buying gifts and making it a season of cheer.
Why do men keep on trying and spicing
Something that doesn’t really need decorating?
A memory I had when I was little,
That Christmas is a reason to laugh and to giggle;
Because it reminds us of that special morn,
When in the manger, Baby Jesus was born.
Where are the days when Christmas was so simple
That it doesn’t matter if you only get an apple?
People, oh people, when will you ever stop
This madness of gifts, trees, trimmings and cards?
Christmas, oh Christmas, a time to celebrate,
A joyous season of love and not of hate;
Our hearts will know its true meaning to us,
May it be God’s love and salvation — those that truly last.
Suggested thought for reflection: Look for the lyrics of the song “Away in a Manger”. Read it with all your heart then ask yourself, “Does Jesus have aroom in my heart if He will knock now?”.

9 thoughts on “What’s All The Preparation For?

  1. eden

    so so lovely and cute poem……just feel sad coz i dont have my boys with me this christmas 😦 hope to be with them next year.



  2. BallerinaGurl

    LOVE the Christmas Poem! Hope you are starting out your week great and look forward to the weekend! I know I am!!

    Missed you both at the chat but I knew you were off having fun!

    Take care and see you soon.




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