It’s great to be home!

Three and a half long years have passed. For somebody like me who left the Philippines at the age of 22, this is the ultimate gift — to be home for Christmas. Yes, my Philippine holiday had come and gone but the events and memories of it linger.

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Frontera Verde, Tiendesitas

After my husband and I hopped off from the plane and had dinner at home, we visited one of our Christmas tiangges, Tiendesitas. My sis-in-law has a native bags business there. On the way to Tiendesitas, I saw tricycles, sarao jeep, the sidewalk vendors, the Christmas decors, and the traffic caused by the massive shopping. ‘I’m so glad to be home’.

The next few days were preparation for Christmas — wrapping gifts and checking my Santa’s list to see who has been good or bad (wink!). Christmas Eve, I was in my parents’ house with A and my whole family! I had the best Christmas since 2000!

The next event was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity — my sister’s wedding. This picture (deleted since the post became public) was taken at the hotel before the wedding. Ate M, Bel and I were giggling, just like before, when we were still little.

But when my sister was already walking down the aisle, my tears slowly showed my joy for her and my brother-in-law. They look so great together! Just like my dad and mom, more than 30 years married but are great together!

Family and friends, we have lots of them! So we decided to take some time alone. To have an exclusive family time together, we headed off to Subic — a resort that is easiest to reach from our place. It was a happy day. I tried to put some tan on and did a bit of kayaking.

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In Manila, we stayed in my sister-in-law’s place on the 35th floor of a development in Ortigas. So on New Year’s Eve, my husband and I had great fun catching panoramic photos of the city fireworks!

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Taken at Josephine’s in Tagaytay where I ate Filipino food to my heart’s (and stomach’s) content! Followed by a halo-halo session in Taal Vista!


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The rest of my holiday was spent seeing family, friends, shopping and eating everything my stomach can accommodate. I just love Filipino food and for me, it will always be the best!

The day before I left, my passion for history, architecture and places brought me to Intramuros. For me, to be in Fort Santiago is the best place in Manila. Nowhere else in the city could ever equal the greatness of this place.


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On the same day, I went to La Salle Greenhills.

I missed to see some friends and family, and I am so gutted about it. Now, I am back in London and back to reality.

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Looking back, it was indeed a lovely and fantastic holiday!

My idea of real home used to be my parent’s home. But I realised, I now have two homes. For in London, my husband and I have established a new dwelling.

There’s no place like home, I am thankful to God for giving me two!


11 thoughts on “It’s great to be home!

  1. Soul_Seeker

    I’m happy you enjoyed your vacation in the Philippines. I also left the Philippines when I was 22, and I still consider it home–although Chicago has become my second home.

    Buti naman you consider both the Philippines and London “home.” All the best as you re-adjust to your life there. Take care!


  2. maan

    MEIGH: sayang naman yung Jollibee gift mo sa akin. Take your time, no rush about the gift.

    EVI: I also liked that picture. The weather was so nice when we went to Tagaytay..not too warm nor cold.

    CRUISE: Thanks sa compliment but…nasaan yung kids ko??? 🙂 Nyay! may multo bang nakapost?

    SIS SUNGIT: Kailan ka last umuwi? Kaka-miss ang Pinas but somehow, I also missed London when I was there. Kasi siguro part of my daily, normal routine na ang takbo ng life sa london.


  3. cruise

    ang gaganda ng mga pictures, mukhang very productive ang holiday mo dito sa pilinas. gusto yung picures ninyong magkakapatid, with your husband and pictures of your kids… pati na rin yung fireworks at skyline na kuha from ortigas… nice nice..


  4. meigh

    your holiday was bursting at the seams! so sorry lang we didn’t get to meet up. mine was busy too, and full of work! hay, sayang. maybe ako nalang invite mo jan? hehe. pawait lang po ng gift ha! hehe. will let you know if i was able to go out na and send the other gift =] i actually got you a jollibee gift check, may friend kasi ako working there. kaso wla naman jollibee jan. sayang, sana pala sinend ko na lang dito while you were here.



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