Blossoming Friendships

One of the inevitable consequences of moving to another place is losing your friends. I do not mean losing them completely, but to be not able to see them as often as possible is like losing a big part of your life. When I moved six years ago, I moved thousands miles away. The only way to be with my friends again is by taking a 12-hour flight.

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On My Own
I do not have to explain the value of friendship to make a point here. During my first few months in England, much of the tears that I cried were for my friends whom I left behind at home. I always wondered what fun things they were doing, what would Aileen advice me on a difficult situation, how Abby’s little girl was, who was getting married next, who was hosting the next get together. The only friend whom I brought with me was Jesus. Actually, I did not bring Him along. He promised that He won’t leave me.
So I prayed to God to give me friends. And he did! He gave me several friends in Eastbourne. He also gave me my most special friend called A.

But Eastbourne is not the right place for our career growth so A and I moved to London. London is one of the liveliest and loveliest places on the face of the Earth. A and I enjoyed the events, theatres, museums, concerts, sights, exhibits of this great city. But we do not want to just meet people; we want to have friends. Friends who share the same belief, the same interests, the same priorities (okay, okay, ‘the same-ish’).

I do believe that God definitely answers prayers. He may say ‘yes’, ‘no’ or in this case, he said ‘wait’. And God gave us lovely friends…

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A Walk in Kent, Bank Holiday Monday 2006

8 thoughts on “Blossoming Friendships

  1. yen

    buti nga ngayon may mga emails & chat na kaya u cant still keep in touch w/ ur loved ones back home. pero tlgang nkakamiss tlaga ang bayan mo diba.. ganun tlga cguro ang feeling pg malayo ka sa mga taong ksama mo ng matagal na panahon at nsa banyaga kang bansa..–>


  2. maan

    MEIGH- amen to that

    EDEN – thanks. i shall be looking forward to your blogs

    IE- when life is so easy, sometimes we tend to forget the most important things in life i.e. our reasltionship to God and others.

    NAO- thanks

    CRUISE- yes, I like God-fearing friends to walk in the light with.

    DENDEN – in Orpington, where one of my friends live. God has been really good to me.


  3. cruise

    with the kind of technology we had right now its always easy to get in touch with family and friends kahit sa malayo, pero syempre iba pa rin kapag personal kayong nagkikita, but at least nakakatulong.

    i admire you for considering a friend who has fear and love of God. ako din gusto ko din ng ganun 🙂



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