Simple Pleasures in Life

Picture: An Impression of Myself (2005). A creation of Ben, my little nephew, when he was three and a half years old.

Here’s my share of the fun:

Instructions: name 10 of life’s simple pleasures that you like the most, then pick 10 people to do the same.


Being a testimony that there is a God.

Getting a big hug after a day that is busy and exhausting.

Doing little acts of kindness to people whom I meet everyday.

Talking to my mom, dad, brothers, sisters and Benjamin.

Receiving and sending hand-written letters. If you receive one from me, you must be special.

Having time to myself once in a while, either reading a book, practising my creativity, or just doing nothing.

Treating myself to a stick of cotton candy and a bucket of popcorn.

Looking at the sky or the sea. They remind me that there is a Creator.

Having a good nite sleep being hugged or hugging something.

Eating my favourite Filipino dishes that I didn’t cook.

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Taken during one of my on-my-own-watching-the-sea-moments (February 2006).

I am tagging Ate Ewok, Cleng, Dave, Jonathan, Mark, IE, Ted, Eden, Eric and Princess Fiona. Have fun guys!


12 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures in Life

  1. risk

    gusto mo pala pagmasdan ang wave in action ha, you’ll love my new post, heheheh…pag may nagustuhan kang pics sabihan mo lang ako at ipapadala ko sayo yung original copy/resolution… next post na yung sagot sa tag mo, heheheh


  2. maan

    hi mark. as you might have noticed, these are my ‘simplest’ pleasures. however simple they are, they mean a lot to me and surely make each day very special.

    some of the ‘best’ things in life are free…


  3. maan

    Okay sisters, send me all your addresses and I will send you hand-written letters. Ganyan ka-special ang mga mansionmates ko! 🙂

    Ymir, it’s ok to link me. I’ve got you linked too! Your website is nice. Great pics!


  4. Ymir

    we stayed at buri but we were able to see the facilities of cocobeach and i think the place is great!

    here is an account of my vacation in case you’re interested 😉

    i hope you dont mind me linking to your blog.


  5. yen

    uu nga i agree w/ u, when u received a hand written letter mas msarap ung feeling.. kc obviously pinaghirapan diba.. kesa itex ka or email ka.. yan lng ang disadvantage ng technology ngyn eh.. ako di m ba bbgyan ng hand written letter hehe…



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