Long Weekend in Budapest

It was a bumpy landing…

We were welcomed with champagne drinks at the Fishermen’s Bastion. There was a violinist who added style in the air. Dinner was then served at the Budavari Fortuna Restaurant.

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Fishermen’s Bastion


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View of the Parliament from The Fishermen’s Bastion

Friday was a whole day meeting. In the evening, we discovered Budapest by cruise. It has splendid nocturnal views.

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The Chain Bridge

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St. Stephen’s Basilica

The following day, we climbed the Buda Hills and admired the panoramic view of the city. Buda and Pest separated by the River Danube…

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Buda Castle (View from the top of the Hill)

The day ended showery. The showers came just right after we watched England lost against Portugal in the Square near Vaci Utca. (This spoiled my weekend a bit, if only…)

Sunday (our last day). We enjoyed the thermal spa, swimming pool and an hour of relaxing massage at the Gellert Baths.

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Hotel Gellert Baths

…it was indeed a relaxing weekend. World cup forgotten.



12 thoughts on “Long Weekend in Budapest


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  2. cruise

    ang ganda pala ng architecture ng mga building sa budapest! mayamang bansa.

    pinaka gusto ko indoor swimming pool. napanood mo ba yung Meet Joe Black, ganun ang gusto ko ding swimming pool kapag nagkabahay ako, hahaha.


  3. charles

    nice pictures. My aunt told me it was nice there in Budapest since she was there on a business trip a couple of months ago. It’s also cheap there as well as far as I’ve heard


  4. yen

    grabeee ang gnda naman,., kelan ko naman kya mki2ta yan??? waaaahhh.. kakainggit naman.. kung di lang ako madirihin sa dugo at sa mga sugat at sa mga sakit, edi sana nag nursing na lang ako… pero hndi ako makatagal sa ospital waaaahhh… prang postcard ung mga pics! nkaka amzed!!!


  5. maan

    JAMIE: Travelling is good when you are not working! I can’t really complain sa lahat ng extra benefits of being a research nurse. But sometimes, kakapagod rin. Kasi with research, there’s no such thing as ‘hand-over’. Whatever you’ve left before yo go, yun din ang bablikan mo.

    TIN: Hi Tin, thanks. I really enjoyed Budapest, especially the baths and views!

    PAO: Guess what, naalala kita when I went to the baths! Ganda kasi nung kwento mo dati…wink!


  6. jamie

    wow! napaka ganda pala sa budapest… sis, parang na-eengganyo mo ko mag-research nurse a! 😉 with all the perks your enjoying traveling being the highlight of it all… parang it’s an option worth considering.



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