Be Still


I’ve already mentioned a bit about the bumpy landing in Budapest. Most of the passengers were scared, cabin crew included, while the whole plane is experiencing so much turbulence for more than five minutes. My colleague and I were holding hands, we thought we were going to crash. The first song that came to mind was “Be still for the presence of the Lord, the Holy One is here…”. Perfect song! (or not?) I stopped and prayed, “Lord, why am I singing this song when in fact, it is not still at all?”. But God is a God of peace.

A week after that turbulent flight, I experienced another turbulence of life. A very dear and close person to me was diagnosed with colon cancer. This news was like a big stone that fell and crushed my heart.

At work, I deal with cancer patients everyday. I know the pain, the fear, the uncertainty. But when it happens to your own family all the pain, fear and uncertainty are indescribable.

After yet another week, a stronger turbulence came. She had surgery but it was discovered that the cancer was so extensive. Despite having a big chunk of the area resected, the prognosis was poor. One year maximum. This is heartbreaking.

Strength, hope, peace, joy – this is what our family needs now. I am glad we have God by our side.


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11 thoughts on “Be Still

  1. treu

    Someone at my place of work passed away the other day from an affliction she had fought bravely for a while. She was a Filipina nurse I’ve known casually for 10 years or so. When I heard the news, the effect was similar to getting punched on the stomach knocking the wind out of you. My prayers are with her family and with your loved one, malt.


  2. maan

    Thanks for all your nice and comforting words. She will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. She recovered well from her surgery. I spoke to her a while ago and she said that malakas daw siya kay God.

    Many thanks for your prayers.


  3. corkescrews

    hello. i came across your blog quite randomly. i am sorry to hear about your friend. i hope that this last year of her life will be well spent, especially with loving friends and family.

    p.s. it’s a little weird to say this in context with the previous paragraph, but congrats on the publication.


  4. Photo Cache

    hi malt, it’s ewok….so sorry to hear this. i dont know what to say except faith can and has moved mountains. hold on to it….

    btw, i know ur bc but mygerona is up and about. we miss seeing you there.


  5. yen

    im sorry to hear about the sad news. i dont wat to say, it is really difficult to cope with these kind of situations, and it will take time to sink in.. i remember when my aunt who raised me was diagnosed with cancer, i was devastated, and after less than a year, she passed away.. it was a difficult time for the family, inisip na lang namin na natapos dn ang suffering nia. keep the faith ate maan.



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