Photo: Big Ben

Inspite of too many events and happenings lately, I cannot find the inspiration to write anything down. So I leave you with a picture. See you later!


10 thoughts on “Photo: Big Ben

  1. tommmy


    pictures will do kahit wala ka pang maisip na isulat.. ganda ng mga photos mo, lalo na itong latest.. ganda ng composition.. the famous big ben & underground with nice blue background!–>


  2. maan

    thanks for all your nice comments. i know i can write, and post once in a while. but i feel bad when others visit me so often and i cannot return the favour. i really want to check out on all of you regularly but haven’t got the luxury of time.


  3. Photo Cache

    Hi Malt!…I know how that feels. Reason why I shut down my friendster. When days like these hit you, just post one of them terrific photos of yours. After all, photos are worth a thousand words, arent they? I reckon with the quality of your shots, they are worth ten times that. Keep on plugging. Just a piece of unsolicited advice from ur te ewok.


  4. jamie

    sis, it’s just one of those days!!! i hope you won’t let the writer’s block take you away from the blog-o-sphere… we’ll miss you terribly, i, personally will miss how you beautifully describe places i can only visit through your page.. please don’t take that priv away from me… ;-p!!!

    anyhoo, thanks for taking your time to write me a letter of encouragement. i hope somehow, i’ll be of help to you as you were to me!

    and so i leave you this quote by lyn gerry:
    “…dropping a piece of information onto the web,
    is like dropping a rock in a still lake —
    the ripples will expand
    to touch the shores
    beyond your horizon…”

    sorry, this is what happens when geeks become t.h. poetics! haha take care! take your time… 🙂


  5. pao

    anong drama ito sis? hehehe! ;D

    hindi ka pwedeng mawala sa blog world ano.

    nabasa ninyo ba sa mansion yung comments about each one’s avatar? eh hindi ka rin pala nahuhuli sa ‘stiff neck, left side’ trend.

    pati rin pala si denden!!! 😆



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