The Much-Awaited Pause

Just in case you were wondering where I have been hiding for the past few days, here’s a short explanation.

As usual, work is always busy. The more I try to finish my tasks, the more I feel that there are still a lot of things to do.

Today is my first day in university. I enjoyed this day, met the lecturers (who cracked straight to business) and met some friendly classmates (who like me, are wondering how we would cope with this pressure that we have voluntarily enrolled in).

Last week, I went to Brussels for a work-related meeting and took this picture of the Grand Place.

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The Grand Place, Brussells (2006)

After the meeting, I went to see my parents, sis, bro-in-law and sweet smart nephew in Germany. More pics:

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Which way leads to Ben’s House?

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The Crystal World

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Can you see Auntie M and Ben’s reflections on the Blown Glass?

Tomorrow (I mean, several hours from now), I will be flying to Canada. I will attend a five-day cancer conference. A is coming to join me so we can have a good holiday after my conference.


9 thoughts on “The Much-Awaited Pause

  1. yen

    ate maan i saw ur pics nung eb nio nia ate nao & thinz.. waaahhh ang slim mo naman bt ganun? haha. at hndi na kta imimeet in the future kasi nkakatakot ka naman pla, sbi ni thinz british accent ka dw, panu ba yan e sa kanto lang ako sa pinas lumaki hahaha.


  2. jamie

    ang ganda ng pics sis! ah kaya pala indi mashado nagpaparamdam! gulat ako when you left a message… greetings from toronto! ayos! i-kiss mo nalang ako kay ate nao at sista thinz! muah! take care

    i’ll wait for the toronto pics ok!


  3. maan

    Cruise: di naman iba’t ibang lugar, halos puro europe nga yung meetings e.

    pao: it’s one of the nicest piazzas na gusto ko.

    sidney: of course, mules et frite, framboise beer, straciatella ice cream and bought some chocolates but not eat them. i am not a chocolate fan. didn’t try the belgian waffle but had them when we came the first time.

    iskoo: oo nga, masarap mag-aral. but it is pure hardwork. have you tried applying for scholarships?


  4. cruise

    wow kaya naman pala, sobrang busy ka, at hindi lang basta busy, nakaka excite yung mga activities mo like schooling and conference sa ibat ibat lugar ngmundo, what could be better than that, i am now thinking to shift on nursing, haha.



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