What I learned about cybersecurity

I am not pretending to be a #cybersecurity expert, as a matter of fact I only attended a free event advertised through Eventbrite. Pure curiosity, nothing else.

Three talks from three experts. Things I learned:

  • When the cybersecurity expert mentioned that he got his hayfever from a friend he saw yesterday implying that  #hayfever is communicable, I thought “I knew something he doesn’t”. Yes!!!
  • A cleaner can overpower a company Chief Security Information Officer (CSIO). The event was held at the reception area after working hours. While the CSIO was talking about company strategy, the cleaner started hoovering (British term for the use of vacuum cleaner while cleaning). The CSIO struggled to present. I found it funny — of course almost everyone else was not fascinated.
  • A few things used to manage cybersecurity breaches that may be applied to daily life: Identify potential issues. Prepare your response. Plan recovery. Never assume that ‘it will not happen to you”. “I will deal with it when it happens to me” is not a great idea. Practice how to deal with what may happen. Expect the unexpected — be imaginative  on identifying and how you will deal with a potential threat, issue, or risk. Practice, practice, practice!
  • Prevention is key. Maintain layers of prevention/defence.

Tell me what you think!

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