The missing poo

I wish there is an easy way to explain this but yesterday, we lost a very important poo. It is important because it will lead us to an information that will affect our team’s next plan of action. It could potentially result to a big movement.

Many may consider poo as a useless piece of s**t. There is truth in this–in principle, it is one of the body’s waste products. Nobody really looks back before getting rid of it in a flush! However, it is worth a person’s while to take some time to check the colour, consistency, appearance and odour of their poo. You read it right: although non-specific, poo appearances can spot a possible diagnosis.

Upon hearing the news, I went straight to the patient’s room. “I have great news, it was found and it was negative!”. He and his wife laughed crisply. He may be laughing because of one or all of these reasons or none at all:

  • He does not have to produce another poo sample
  • It was negative
  • He never gave as much attention about poo prior to this day
  • He had never met anyone so interested in his poo before.

Because the poo sample was found, test confirmed that we do not need to commence antibiotics. We did not have to isolate the patient. We did not have to investigate if his loose bowel movement that morning was due to the food that was served from the kitchen.

The poo in question has always been there in the laboratory.

Poo lost. Poo found.


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