‘Hobby blogging’

ShakespeareAre you contemplating of starting (or restarting) a blog as a hobby and may have one or two of these questions? Here are some practical answers:

  • I am not a good writer, is blogging for me? First thing to ask yourself is, “What made you think that you cannot write…”. Second is ask, “…on whose standards?” Many of us think that writing is only for an elite group of individuals who have been trained to do it. I do not agree with this. Everyone can write, in different formats, tone and purpose. A blog post is not equivalent to an essay that one submits to an academic institution. Stop being harsh to yourself. As how an editor-in-chief of an international publication puts it, “Complex or highfalutin words are unnecessary as long as you convey the message”.
  • Is blogging a cheap hobby? No, it isn’t if you have a very busy life like mine. Blogging requires time, and time is precious. But if you view blogging as an escape from your daily routine, then it is indeed a cheap hobby. There are sites that offer free websites to start with e.g. WordPress or Blogger (via Google). Free sites make money through ad banners they place on your page.
  • Is it straightforward? Designing the layout and content links of your website could be a disaster, and may involve a lot of trial and error. Look at it as a puzzle, there is a sense of achievement for every issue solved. Get to know various settings and tools; use that virtue called patience. Choose themes and colour combinations that are not striking to the eyes for ease of reading.
  • What if people do not take notice? I recommend that you develop a ‘Paki ko’ attitude (credit to fellow blogger, Yen, for the idea). ‘Paki ko’ means ‘I do not care’. Remember, this is your site. You can choose whatever topic you want to discuss in any format you prefer, in any language you want to use. Focus on your main purpose: a respite from the routine.
  • What if I run out of ideas? I do not believe you.
  • What if people disagree with me? Of course, this will happen. We live in a world of many opinions, cultures and beliefs. The good news is they do not own your site. As long as you are not offending anyone and not blatantly attacking people, you should be fine. Similar to our daily interactions, being tactful on-line also matters. I also suggest that opinions are differentiated from facts. Avoid sweeping statements. If you are communicating a fact, make sure you have done some form of research about it. If all people do this, my Facebook feed will not be full of unfounded treatment and prevention claims for cancer. As a strategy to avoid spams or trolls, you can also moderate the comments (i.e. they are only published when you approve them).
  • Will I make money from it? I am not an expert about this but as a hobby, I do not think one can make a living out of blogging. It all boils down to what you want to achieve. I found this site that talks about money blogging.


Sure things to expect from ‘hobby blogging’:

  • You will enhance many of your creative abilities.
  • You will have a platform to reach out to others and share your ideas: publicly or privately to a selected few.
  • You will meet same-minded individuals.
  • Your writing will improve over time.
  • You will have fun reading your old posts after a few years.

Blogging is not the same as academic writing. It is fun. So what are you waiting for? Think of your blog name now!

(Please do not forget to let me know about it so I can follow your posts!)


9 thoughts on “‘Hobby blogging’

  1. unfilteredmomma

    ako honestly i am contemplating on making my blog earn revenues in the future, tutal writing din naman ang trabaho ko. pero inaaral ko pa lang yung mga affiliate links chenes, naligaw na ako. hahaha! so for now, hobby blogging muna! pang-destress. 😀


      1. unfilteredmomma

        Lol! If and when I do! Parang nagha-hang ang braincells ko pag sinisimulan kong intindihin pa lang. Although i doubt yayaman tayo nang bongga, the ads are not enough. Dapat umabot tayo sa level ng celebrity bloggers, yung may endorsements na. Too showbiz for me! :p

        Liked by 1 person

  2. ena

    I used to blog for money! Haha. Sadly, I wasn’t able to maintain it na. These days, I blog because I’m bored. Lol.

    Sometimes, I don’t make sense, my blog feels bitin, minsan mas mahaba pa ang intro pero wapakels. I write mainly for myself, anyway. Hihi

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Pinay Expat

    Na special mention pa tuloy ako haha! korek ka naman diyan sa lahat ate! Ako nga kahit yung iba wrong spelling or wrong grammar pa ko, wapakels! My site, my rules… walang pakialamanan, di naman ako perfect at isa pa gaya ng sabi mo our time is precious kaya keri lang kahit mali2 or walang pumansin sa site, sa anak ko pa lang ubos na oras ko, iisipin ko pa ba yang mga gnyang bagay! maghugas na lang ako ng pwet ng anak ko! haha!


    1. MT Post author

      Haha! I will link your site sana kaya lang I wasn’t able to ask for your permission — yun bang clickable yung word na ‘Yen’. Lol.

      I know, sometimes I notice the minor typos and wrong punctuation marks kaya lang this is my way of exactly doing the opposite of my job where every detail matters when publishing. So wapakels din ako dito sa blog. Haha. Kiss to baby**


  4. ewok1993

    I’ve been blogging for ten years this July and from the very start it’s only for my sake that I do this. If and when people get ideas or learn something then that’s fine, but that is not what I set out to do when I started blogging.

    Liked by 1 person


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