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Wedding story

I love weddings but it is rare that I can be easily impressed no matter how grand, artistic, extravagant or expensive they are. Please allow me to tell you about a memorable wedding that my husband and I had the privilege to witness a year ago.

The heavens opened wide that morning. I meant literally; it was a downpour. It was supposed to be a summer wedding in July but it was held in England, where weather is a source of fascination on a day-to-day basis.

This particular wedding was very special and different. The family and friends of the couple were all well-dressed but I did not notice a hint of self-importance from anyone. The wedding was not about the groom; he appeared very relaxed and tranquil in his suit. It was not all about the beautiful bride either. She walked along the aisle stunning in her lovely ivory dress, with a tiara adorning her hair — but the lady behind the veil was not the sole (or main) focus of the event.

Rather, throughout this wonderful moment of their lives, the couple chose to glorify Jesus. The songs were carefully picked signifying the love, hope and happiness that is found in Christ alone. The Bible reading and message focused on the basics of marriage: mutuality of love, contentment, faithfulness to one another and hope in Christ (Hebrews 13:1-6).


The favours were ‘Christmas crackers’. Inside these were small gifts but more importantly, a Bible verse written for every guest. The wedding speeches were words of humour-infused sweetness, but Christ was never forgotten by every speaker.

My reflections brought me to question, “How often do we hear couples say, ‘We would like to have a Christ-centered wedding’?”

Before everyone becomes very pre-occupied about the dresses, flowers, rings, guests, cakes, catering, drinks, suits, music, candles, bridal registers, speeches; would it be more appropriate to desire for a union founded upon the love of Christ more than anything else? The key to blissful wedded life is about sharing a life together where Christ is present, is it not?

This particular wedding was not all about tangible things but it will be remembered by  those present because the overflowing love of Christ was there.

(A reflection of a Christian wedding held in Warwickshire, England; originally written two days after the event.)


Be Still


I’ve already mentioned a bit about the bumpy landing in Budapest. Most of the passengers were scared, cabin crew included, while the whole plane is experiencing so much turbulence for more than five minutes. My colleague and I were holding hands, we thought we were going to crash. The first song that came to mind was “Be still for the presence of the Lord, the Holy One is here…”. Perfect song! (or not?) I stopped and prayed, “Lord, why am I singing this song when in fact, it is not still at all?”. But God is a God of peace.

A week after that turbulent flight, I experienced another turbulence of life. A very dear and close person to me was diagnosed with colon cancer. This news was like a big stone that fell and crushed my heart.

At work, I deal with cancer patients everyday. I know the pain, the fear, the uncertainty. But when it happens to your own family all the pain, fear and uncertainty are indescribable.

After yet another week, a stronger turbulence came. She had surgery but it was discovered that the cancer was so extensive. Despite having a big chunk of the area resected, the prognosis was poor. One year maximum. This is heartbreaking.

Strength, hope, peace, joy – this is what our family needs now. I am glad we have God by our side.


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Blossoming Friendships

One of the inevitable consequences of moving to another place is losing your friends. I do not mean losing them completely, but to be not able to see them as often as possible is like losing a big part of your life. When I moved six years ago, I moved thousands miles away. The only way to be with my friends again is by taking a 12-hour flight.

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On My Own
I do not have to explain the value of friendship to make a point here. During my first few months in England, much of the tears that I cried were for my friends whom I left behind at home. I always wondered what fun things they were doing, what would Aileen advice me on a difficult situation, how Abby’s little girl was, who was getting married next, who was hosting the next get together. The only friend whom I brought with me was Jesus. Actually, I did not bring Him along. He promised that He won’t leave me.
So I prayed to God to give me friends. And he did! He gave me several friends in Eastbourne. He also gave me my most special friend called A.

But Eastbourne is not the right place for our career growth so A and I moved to London. London is one of the liveliest and loveliest places on the face of the Earth. A and I enjoyed the events, theatres, museums, concerts, sights, exhibits of this great city. But we do not want to just meet people; we want to have friends. Friends who share the same belief, the same interests, the same priorities (okay, okay, ‘the same-ish’).

I do believe that God definitely answers prayers. He may say ‘yes’, ‘no’ or in this case, he said ‘wait’. And God gave us lovely friends…

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A Walk in Kent, Bank Holiday Monday 2006

Spring Had Sprung 2

“Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow. They don’t toil, neither do they spin ,yet I tell you that even Solomon in all his glory was not dressed like one of these. But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which today exists, and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, won’t he much more clothe you, you of little faith?”– Matthew 6:28-30

What’s All The Preparation For?


Copyright MALT 2005

Why do men run when Christmas is here?
Busy buying gifts and making it a season of cheer.
Why do men keep on trying and spicing
Something that doesn’t really need decorating?
A memory I had when I was little,
That Christmas is a reason to laugh and to giggle;
Because it reminds us of that special morn,
When in the manger, Baby Jesus was born.
Where are the days when Christmas was so simple
That it doesn’t matter if you only get an apple?
People, oh people, when will you ever stop
This madness of gifts, trees, trimmings and cards?
Christmas, oh Christmas, a time to celebrate,
A joyous season of love and not of hate;
Our hearts will know its true meaning to us,
May it be God’s love and salvation — those that truly last.
Suggested thought for reflection: Look for the lyrics of the song “Away in a Manger”. Read it with all your heart then ask yourself, “Does Jesus have aroom in my heart if He will knock now?”.