The Author

1. My name

Derived from my grandmothers’ names. Both experienced the cancer journey. This is one of the reasons why I am so passionate about my job.

2. My childhood

I am the second of six children. I had great fun in childhood. Played a lot, climbed trees, ran around, played with mud and showered in the rain. My siblings and I were brought to church by our parents since I can remember. Growing up, we were a family who sat together for dinner. We also prayed as a family before going to bed.

Our home television was off from Sunday evenings to Friday evenings. Dad always wanted us to grow with books and not with what’s on telly (or toys). All six children had classes every evening, mostly in science and maths. Dad is our teacher.

Our parents taught us to be the best we can be (if we cannot be the best in class).

3. People who influenced me the most

My parents: My Dad is a really bright individual. He is strict but fair, thus gained all our respect. My Mama is the prayer warrior of our family, so sweet and loving. Both showed us the value of hardwork, perseverance and determination.

A: My rock and the apple of my eye.

4. My siblings

A1: My eldest sister who started multiplying and dividing at the age of three.

A3: My younger sister who is sungit sweet and smart.

A4: Inherited most of my Dad’s confidence genes. She is very witty with superb social skills.

A5: Very intelligent who loves cars, jets and maths. Over protective to his sisters.

A6: Such a sweet character who never complains about anything.

(Did I say we are all good-looking?)

5. My job

Something that I love.


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