“I know that there is nothing better for man than to rejoice and to do good in one’s lifetime.” -Ecclesiastes

I may have the simplest life in the world, but I have so many stories. Stories that may bore you but some might inspire you. They are stories of my childhod, my faith, my family,  my career and my friends. Stories of love, joy, miracles, adventures, discoveries, challenges. Stories of disappointments, sadness and pain. But I am living a good life, so far. And I think it is because somebody up there is closely watching over me.


I believe in the art of asking and listening. 

Let us learn from one another.


One thought on “Synopsis

  1. M. De La Place

    I was so pleasured for your commentary in my humble blog. I am so happy, despite I think that my words wasn’t so delightful for a noble soul like you. However, I have to thank you for you commentary because I was very certain that nobody would read to my words. Answering your question, I don’t work in an art gallery. I’m a literary (a malignant that I can’t get away), but I love visiting art galleries, museums, playhouses and everything that show the human finest art spirit. I hope you have a nice day…
    M. de La Place



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